• I am not a medical professional.  I am someone who is very invested in my health since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 23.  How I deal with diabetes is what is I have determined is best for me, and Your Diabetes May Vary (YDMV).
    • I am not a trained educator.  I have always enjoyed teaching and educating in whatever capacity I am able.  95% of the time when faced with a awkward situation I would rather teach than ignore or let misconceptions survive without a fight. 
    • I am not a professional theologian.  I try to live a life that is in step with the teachings of Jesus.  A relationship is a living organism and I don’t have everything figured out.  I don’t have all the right answers, I don’t always choose the right thing, and I have crap that I struggle with, but grace is the only standard and growth is the goal.
    • I am not superhuman.  I do not always count carbs perfectly; sometimes I eat potato chips for lunch (like ONLY potato chips); sometimes I do not hit all my goals; but I strive to manage the disease the best that I can. The only thing I can guarantee is imperfection - my aim is authenticity, not perfection.
    • I am 100% me.  I am not an expert on anything except my experience.  I can only speak on what I have experienced and how I see the world.
    • I process by outward communication (not internally like my fab husband).  So I may not have things figured out at the beginning of a post, but I might by the conclusion.
    • I do not get paid, in any way, to discuss the technology that I use for managing my diabetes.  All opinions are based on my experience and not based on any compensation.

    Thanks for joining me on my journey - an adventure is always more exciting with company!

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