Monday, October 1, 2012

The Day of no 'D'

A tradition has been started by Mr. Ninjabetic Himself about having a day where you post about something other than diabetes. And although I haven't been at this very long, I too, shall participate.


Somebody dropped them off on our road in July of 2009.  I couldn't say 'no' to them and my husband couldn't say 'no' to me. Thus, our adventure as a two-cat household began.

Bitey and Pokey: Wrastlemania

  Maxin' and relaxin'

And, 3 years later, this is what happens to city cats when they get domesticized. They get very fluffy and will do anything for a belly rub. Even while SOMEONE is trying to study.  They have very little regard for education.

Happy "No D Day" to you!

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