Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I had been looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend for a while.  Two days off work plus the weekend!?  Awesome.  A well-deserved break, in my eyes.

I have been working really hard and I was ready.  Plans were made.  Family dinners, hunting with the hubby, wistful dreams of Black Friday shopping, Christmas decorating, and special holiday eats.  You know, general "happy-holiday"ness.

I left work (at which I have been experiencing allergies for way more than a few weeks) with the phrase “I’m just looking forward to not sneezing all weekend”.  Famous. last. words.

Enter: plague.  Or at least a hefty man-cold.  Suddenly everything went from great plans to great nap.

Black Friday shopping? Nope, sleep.

Hunting? Nah, sleep.

Christmas Decorating?  Uh-uh. Sleep.

Family Dinners?   Well, I’d have to be dead to pass those up.

Enjoying holiday goodies?  No way.  Instead of inhaling treats, I 'enjoyed' saline rinses and facial steams.

The frustrating thing was that I really started to feel better after a solid sleep on Saturday night, but the glucose goblins showed up.  For no reason that I could humanly comprehend, my blood sugar went up, and it refused to come down, regardless of rage bolusing.  So all the headway (yes, pun intended) that I had made over three days, was undone in one afternoon.

My husband came into the kitchen Sunday night (after he had been out hunting) and found me - eyes-bloodshot, nose stuffed and cough thriving – faithfully making our favorite holiday treats.  

“We are celebraiding Chrisdbas wedder we wand to or nod, danggid.”

‘Tis the season for aloe infused tissue.

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