Sunday, November 4, 2012

Great Expectations

My motto is "Go big or go home".  The kicker is that I usually go home.

I have a tendency to consistently set the unachievable as my goal.  Don't get me wrong, the whole purpose of setting a goal is to motivate yourself to surpass your current abilities.  However, for me, goals that are set so far beyond a reasonable conclusion often result in an overwhelming sense of failure and zero desire to press on.

I want perfection or nothing (no surprise that perfectionism is known to be a cause of procrastination).  Case in point - excersize. 

My goals, generally, go something like this:

"I will look like a supermodel the next time I see my family"

"I will exercise for 1 hour everyday and 3 hours on Sunday."

This is usually how they play out:
1. Set crazy goal.
2. Go hard for a month or a couple of weeks.
3. Miss one day.
4. Feel defeated and deflated.
4. Skip a few months.

In light of wanting (and needing) to integrate exercise into my daily activities, but also taking in to consideration that life is unpredictable and the fact that I am not superhuman, I have set a new goal.

"I will excersize for 10 minutes a day."

Ugh, sounds wimpy and uninspiring, eh?

But there are perks.

1.  I know I have 10 minutes everyday that I can exercise.
2.  When I have more than 10 minutes, I exercise for much longer (oh, finding that sweet groove!).
3.  I have set a goal that is achievable and sets me up for success.

I believe that the motivation gained by achieving daily success will breed a more ferocious attitude toward my long-term goal of maintaining a daily exercise regimen date (regimen sounds bland; dates are far more exciting).

In fact, during the small amount of time that I have been doing this, I have already seen how well this works.  On the nights after a grueling work day and multiple interruptions - I do 10 minutes.  I don't feel guilty, I don't feel defeated.  I feel successful.  On the days where I get home early, dinner is already made (read: microwaveable leftovers) I put in a 1/2 hour or more. I still feel successful.

Win, win.

Sometimes shooting for the attainable is better than shooting for the moon.

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