Thursday, November 8, 2012

#NDAM - A Little Tardy to the Party

Inspired to give people a snapshot (pun intended) of life with Diabetes, I am participating in the #NDAMphotoaday challenge.  You can find the month's worth of topics here :

Day 1. #struggle

There are a lot of things to struggle with regarding diabetes. The day-after-dayness of it all, the monitoring everything that affects blood sugar, or the general deliciousness of chocolate. Everything in moderation.


 Day 2. #prescription

Over $10,000/year for healthcare.

Day 3. #fingers

3528 days of diabetes x an average of 8 tests a day= 28,224 drops of blood and 28,224 finger pricks.

  Day 4. #oops

A 24-hour period where the first drop was reminiscent of the Superman coaster.

Day 5. #bullseye

Love a good "100".

 Day 6. #feet

Always told to protect our feet - but my fav shoes have a hole in them :(

 Day 7. #gear

I carry a ridiculous amount of stuff in my purse - or within arms reach all day. Add "diabetes" to "just-being-a-girl" and purse contents multiply exponentially. Juice boxes, extra meters, and sugar stashes are everywhere, extra testing supplies, extra pump supplies, an ID bracelet and medical information, plus my must-haves, below:
1. Dexcom Receiver
2. Phone/alarm clock
3. Animas One Touch Ping insulin pump
4. Ping Meter/Remote
5. Fitbit Ultra (crazy cool "more-than-a-pedometer" pedometer)
6. Mp3 player (featuring Audrey Assad).


 Day 8. #sparkle

It would be a lot harder to face this everyday and succeed if it weren't for the best teammate.


 Day 9. #blood

See, also, day 3.

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